About Me

Hi there! I’m Mikell, and I’m dedicated to bringing you content that will serve as a contribution to your ever-evolving life!

“I was always very daring and filterless growing up. If i wasnt jumping out of a tree, I was somewhere asking an adult questions that were none of my concern. If my granny was still alive she’d tell you that I ran my mouth like a slot machine as a child. She’ll also tell you about how she taught me to pray for my enemies daily, and because of that, she once caught me praying for the devil. I’m the reserved friend who reads the room before fully engaging, the one who will initiate a sex discussion as an icebreaker, and the one who finds a way to overcome any adversity. All of the above made me who I am today.”

Mikell Smith is a published poet, author, and native of Orange, TX. Her love for writing manifested at a very young age initially beginning with writing letters to her dad. After much exploration, her focus shifted to poetry and after some 50 written poems, her 7th grade English teacher took notice and submitted her work for publication. She became a published poet at the age of 14 and took an interest in the arts thereafter. On July 8th, 2020 she published her first self-help book StillAMom: Navigating Life After Pregnancy Loss on her 28th birthday. Mikell is a devoted sister to five, a loving auntie, and mommy to an angel baby. In her free time, she does freelance photography and kicks back with friends.