healing for the inner-self.

It’s the feeling that we get when something is wrong. It’s that butterfly we feel when our crush talks to us. It’s the reason that our heart flutters when we hear that person’s name. It’s our inner self, and how in tune we are with it.

There is absolutely nothing better than just being in alignment with your mind, body, and soul. “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Once we realize the depth of this, things that happen to us begin to make more sense. We are then able to accept things as they are, and understand the magnitude of these things as they relate to our spiritual journey and inner transformation.

Have you ever had a positive outlook on a job opportunity, but then in that same moment you felt as if you weren’t good enough for the position or that you were under-qualified? That’s mistake number one. Nevertheless, and full of doubt, you still applied for the position and hoped for the best….but then the e-mail came through, and it stated that the company decided to pursue another applicant instead. You’re about to make the second biggest mistake: You’re going to tell yourself that you knew you wouldn’t get it because you weren’t qualified and didn’t have the credentials.

Let’s dissect this:

  1. You went into this situation with high energy and initially applied for the job with a great level of confidence. 
  2. At some point during the application process, a subconscious thought pushed to the forefront of your mind and subsequently brought your energy level and confidence down halfway. You possibly even struggled with completing the application. (Note that at this point you have put these thoughts out into the universe and the universe has reacted accordingly.)
  3. By the time you completed the application, your energy level has depleted to  ground level, your self-esteem has lowered, and you probably feel drained. 

If we truly knew the power of our thoughts, we would never have a negative one. We hold so much power over our thoughts, and being able to control them takes much practice and guidance. The goal isn’t to tame our thoughts, it is to not let our thoughts control us. Majority of us have been programmed to suppress past trauma, and as a result of this, it tends to manifest in our day-to-day actions. As a child, you may have had someone consistently tell you that you’ll never be good enough for something. Consciously, we may believe otherwise, but subconsciously, we tend to believe that which we are constantly told.

We grow older and kill ourselves trying to prove that we’re good enough, instead of doing what we do because we want to–because we love to do it. We become extremely hard on ourselves and criticize ourselves over the smallest things. We also tend to judge every action instead of trusting our intuition. Our Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd Chakra) is responsible for our self perception and overall willpower. This chakra becomes easily unbalanced and blocked when a person judges or criticizes themselves. Also, bear in mind that the Law of Attraction states that whatever we put out is what we will get back. If you criticize and judge yourself, you will attract individuals who are like-minded. The imbalance in this chakra also makes us project our insecurities onto other individuals

So, how do we heal our inner self? How do we grab hold of our thoughts? How do we attract great things? Here are a few of my favorite healing exercises:

  • Meditation
    • Guided meditation is always a great start for the beginner. The person meditating is gifted with an experienced teacher who guides them into deeper consciousness via verbal instruction and/or visualizations. YouTube has hundreds of guided meditation videos for a variety of issues. I always recommend guided meditation as a starting point because you may not know what words to say, and having a guide just alleviates that stress for you. If at any point meditation becomes too heavy for you, discontinue until you feel comfortable proceeding.
  • Positive Affirmations
    • I’m a firm believer in affirmations and I honestly would not make it through the day without them. Affirmations are essential whether you’re feeling on top of the world or if you’re at your lowest. Even when you’re at your lowest always remember to practice the positive thought until it becomes the dominant one. The affirmations that you speak set the tone for your day/life, and the more that you practice them, the easier it will be for you to speak them freely.
    • Another fun activity to partake in (MY PERSONAL FAVORITE) is purchasing a pack of note cards, writing positive affirmations on them, and hanging them up in your bedroom and around the house. You will be surrounded by positive affirmations and whenever you begin to doubt yourself, you can just look up to see a note card that reads “Only love and success can reach me”.
  • Yoga
    • Yoga is an excellent go-to when you are seeking inner peace. During this exercise, you are able to block out the world, focus on your breathing, and clear your thoughts completely. Yoga helps to reduce stress, find balance, and also improves your physical well-being. Yoga sessions will definitely leave you feeling refreshed, and like meditation, guided yoga practice will benefit you as well if you’re clueless on how to begin.
  • Chakra visualization
    • Chakra visualization targets unblocking and re-aligning your six energy centers. When a chakra is off, you go into meditation and physically visualize the chakras being re-aligned. I think of them as circles with a vertical line connecting them all. When one is off, I visualize that particular being positioned to where the line is horizontal instead of vertical and connected with the others. Knowing what I know, I go into meditation and visualize the chakra turning back to its vertical state. An unbalanced chakra also manifests physical symptoms. For example, if your heart chakra is under active, you will find yourself building a wall up against anyone who tries to get close to you. When this chakra is balanced, you are able to love and are open to receiving it in return.

Hopefully these healing tips will benefit you in more way than one as they have done for me!

“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.” —Eckhart Tolle

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